Geriatric Conditions

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The ageing process leads to multiple conditions like Chronic pain, Musculoskeletal Disorders like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Muscle weakness and as we get older these conditions could get worse, resulting in loss of mobility, reduced flexibility and strength falls etc. Impaired Balance is common among the elderly.

Physiotherapy treatments have been successful in resolving or managing these conditions. Exercise therapy is an excellent way to deal with musculoskeletal problems. Therapy includes stretching and strengthening of weaker muscles and balance exercises to improve overall mobility, strength, stability and balance.

How Physiotherapy Increases Recovery Speed

Geriatric physical therapy is a proven treatment to improve mobility and balance and older adults.

Joint Pain

Joint pain if left untreated will cause instability and weakness. Geriatric physiotherapy is the best treatment to reduce joint pain and improve stability.

General Weakness

One of the common problem which is seen after closing a certain age, and geriatric physiotherapy bring physical strength and stability back to you. It improves the patient quality of life.

Postural Instability

If you are unable to maintain the right position, geriatric physiotherapy offers balance exercises that improve your posters and bring you back to your normal state.

Balance impairment

It is a loss of general functioning of bones and muscles. Geriatric physiotherapy exercises that improve the functions of bones and muscles.

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Other Therapies We Offer

  • Physiotherapy

    With the right tools and expertise, our team can help you move again and improve your flexibility and strength.

  • Sports Injuries

    Don’t wait for the recovery, let our experts make you recover faster and stronger.

  • MVA Related Injuries

    Let our experts treat your injury and improve your quality of life. We can deal with every kind of damage from reduced mobility and flexibility to deep tissue damage and chronic pain.

  • Concussion Rehabilitation

    Let our experts help you improve your vision and restore your normal functioning.

  • Vestibular Injuries

    Facing vestibular disorders, Our professionals can alleviate both primary and secondary problems with Vestibular therapy.

  • Massage Therapy

    We offer you effective deep tissue massage therapy that reduces your pain and stress.

  • Active Rehabilitation

    Our professional Active Rehab therapist fixes the instability and pain with mobility and strength exercises.

  • Dry Needling

    Let our experts make a difference in your life by offering you pain-free and comfortable living.

  • Laser Therapy

    Let our experts reduce pain and accelerate the healing process in damaged tissues with laser therapy.

  • Pre-Post Surgical Rehabilitation

    Let our experts help you restore your movements and regain your strength back.