Vestibular Therapy

Facing vestibular disorders, Our professionals can alleviate both primary and secondary problems with Vestibular therapy.


The vestibular system is a sensory system that involves the Brain and Inner ear that provides the sense of balance, awareness and information about motion, head position and body positions. It helps us in maintaining balance, stabilizing our head and body during movement and maintaining posture. Symptoms of Vestibular disorders could be Dizziness, Feeling off-balance, Spinning sensation, Nausea, Blurred Vision, Disorientation, Falling or Stumbling.

Vestibular Rehabilitation helps individuals experiencing the symptoms of vestibular disorders that could be result of Motor- vehicle accidents, Sports injuries, Ear infections or pathologies to restore normal vestibular function. Most Vestibular rehab includes involves Maneuvers and specialized exercises involving head and eye movements to retrain the vestibular system.

Vestibular Therapy is often used:

  1. To reduce the sensation of spinning
  2. To Restore Balance
  3. To decrease motion sensitivity and nausea
  4. To reduce Headaches
  5. To decrease sensitivity to bright lights and Noise.
  6. To Improve the ability to read and concentrate.

How Physiotherapy Increases Recovery Speed

With vertigo  /vestibular therapy you can treat your identified deficits and prevent the new imbalance and dizziness episodes.

Blurred Vision

After a certain injury people are diagnosed with dizziness and Blurred vision with head movement which can be corrected by vestibular therapies.

Muscles Stiffness

Vestibular therapies offer exercises that reduce stiffness and give relief from pain. It also deals with neck tightness.


The vestibular and Vertigo therapies are effective to maintain body balance. With the help of these therapies, you don't need to hold the objects when you are walking.


This therapy is also effective when you are suffering from headaches and migraines problems. This is also effective when you are dealing with the frequent Falls.

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Non Surgical Alternatives

We believe in natural healing and a hands-on approach.

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